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Against the background of the rapid development of massive health industry in the post-epidemic era, Zhuozheng grasps the development trend of health care and healing industry from an international perspective, conducts the layout of health care and healing by locking the development directions of sojourn and community health care and health preserving. Relying on the community home health care and healing model, the Group established the “Yuexin Health Care and Health Preserving" brand, introduced a professional and mature health care service system, to build a high-end quality of health care and preserving community for all ages. With "seven health preserving, seven recuperation, seven stars" as the core, Zhuozheng has built a global "migratory bird" sojourn health care industry chain. The Group selects the locations globally and strives for excellence and increasing perfection. It has built world-class valued vintage in the regions globally with the premier aspects in terms of climate, environment, transportation, and humanities, provides tailored, authoritative, and professional health care products and supporting health services for med-high end health care populations, builds a whole-age health preserving experience, and realizing the domestic and foreign inheritance of oriental health care and health preserving.

Hainan · Boao Health Care Resort

The hotel is located in Hainan · Boao. The climate is humid, so it is a resort for being out of cold in winter. Boao has beautiful coconut trees by the seaside, as well as the permanent address for Boao Forum for Asia – the Global Commercial Summit. It has gradually become the vital window of Hainan even the whole country to the world.

New Zealand · Oakland Health Care and Health Preserving Chateau

The hotel is located in Oakland, the coastal city of North New Zealand. The changeable landform landscape, dense primeval forest, dazzling golden sand beaches, and vast coasts make Oakland the most livable and healthy city.

Xiong’an Baiyangdian Daguan Health Care and Health Preserving Hotel

The hotel is located in Lotus Grand View Garden of AAAAA scenery spot of Baiyangdian, the Pearl of North China. In the future, it will become a national park with ecological harmony and beautiful environment, reappearing the beautiful scenery with vast green waves and ripples of reeds in North China, which is like the south of the Yangtze River.

Yunnan Banna Shenshi Health Care and Health Preserving Hotel

The hotel is located in Yunnan, a tourist province. Different plant types and different natural appearances, giving people a feeling of experiencing spring, summer, autumn and winter at the same time. With the advancement of The Belt and Road, the West China Development and the Grand Circle in West Yunnan, Yunnan will usher in a once-in-a-lifetime development and become a representative of a livable and working-friendly city.

Yuexin Health Care and Health Preserving

Zhuozheng has established the brand of "Yuexin Health Care and Health Preserving" to provide owners with integrated home health care and preserving services of "medicine, health preserving, health, entertainment and joy", covering the dimensions such as chronic disease management, customized diet, rehabilitation physiotherapy, day care, respite care service, accompanying medical treatment and life care, and providing the health care life with high quality for the whole age.

Australia Cairns Health Care and Health Preserving Resort Hotel

The hotel is located in Cairns, the coastal city of Australia, and is an only way which must be passed for visiting the wonders of the world - the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is backed by mountains, surrounded by dense tropical rainforest, modern urban atmosphere and nature are blending. Tourists around the world and local residents are getting along harmoniously, lifestyle is extremely idle, which is the preferred place for ecological health care and health preserving.

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