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"Zhuozheng e-Life" online mall

"Zhuozheng e-Life" online mall    "Zhuozheng e-Life" On-line Mall: This is the official online mall built by Zhuozheng Holdings Group, and it is also the only online mall under the Group that covers all business sectors. The mall takes the Zhuozheng Holdings Group as the platform, integrates Zhuozheng International Hotel, Zhuozheng Import Collection, Zhuozheng Shennong Park, Zhuozheng Health Care and Health Preserving, Zhuozheng International Travel Service Co., Ltd., etc., directly supplies high-quality products and services, provides the latest trends and exclusive preferences for each customer member who follows and supports Zhuozheng. The mall received extensive attention from new and old customers of Zhuozheng once it was launched.


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