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In the field of real estate development, Zhuozheng has the first-class qualification for national real estate development enterprises, the main products are commercial residential building and commercial matching, focusing on the residential demand improvement of high-end customers. Through in-depth study of the life demands of contemporary urban population, Zhuozheng adheres to the original intention and ingenuity, building the residential experience of quality life. After many years of efforts, Zhuozheng has gradually established a competitive advantage in the residential industry, its "LijingBlue Bay", "Lijing Xicheng", "Upper East Side", "Yihe Yayuan" and other distinctive product series have been recognized and favored by consumers.

Zhuozheng Yihe Yayuan

It is located in the Xiong'an radiation area - Caohe area, is the first batch of "garden of southern Changjiang delta" style high-quality health care and preserving community of Zhuozheng. It uses passive ultra-low energy consumption residential technology to create a "constant temperature, constant humidity, constant oxygen, constant cleanliness, constant tranquility" residential experience; with the elegant environment of garden of southern Changjiang delta, it combines with the heart soothing health care service system, to build a whole age health care and preserving life with urban resort style.

Zhuozheng Upper East Side · Dongdi

This is an exquisite and luxurious community that has been comprehensively upgraded after Dongjing. The project covers an area of 105 mu, with a greenness rate of 35%, adopts a new Chinese architectural style. Combining Chinese culture with international style, the whole architecture shows a steady and magnificent elegant temperament with a soft hue and a simple horizontal line, which matches the details quite well.

Zhuozheng Upper East Side· Dongjing

With a total construction area of 179,200 ㎡, it is the first batch exquisite decoration project of Zhuozheng and the first-phase residential project for this thousand-acre large-scale project in Shangdong District of Zhuozheng. Dongjing adopts the delivery of complete finished exquisite decoration. It is designed with French garden landscape, inherits nature with five-fold three-dimensional garden, and ingeniously builds a community model of high-speed rail new city with exquisite decoration quality.

Zhuozheng Lijing Xicheng

The total construction area is 200,000 ㎡. It has pioneered the integrated design of external solar energy in Baoding City and is the first batch of green building area in Hebei Province. Integrating the western and eastern cultural concepts, the landscape of urban gardens and courtyards is built to make it become a unique high-quality residential community in the western part of the city.

Zhuozheng Lingjing Lanwan Area C

It is an upgraded work after the Lijing Lanwan Area A and Area B, with a total construction area of about 261,400 ㎡. The building facade imitates the world's classic Art-Deco construction style, introduces the brand-new design concept of "Healthy Residence", creates the landscape of "creek, hill, gorge, and bay", and is a community with comfortable, healthy, and livable life.

Zhuozheng Lingjing Lanwan Area B

With a total construction area of 340,800 ㎡, the artificial lake of 15,000 ㎡ is pioneered to form a core landscape. The integration of natural ecological garden and water scene is not only ornamental, but also has the effect of regulating air temperature and humidity, creating a comfortable and healthy living space and returning to the real life. It is a high-quality residential community that truly takes human life as the main body.

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