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In the field of building and construction, based on the concept of sustainable development, Zhuozheng is committed to the research and expansion of new technologies, new materials and new processes focusing on green building, green building materials, building energy efficiency and assembled buildings. Its business scope covers house building, decoration and renovation, building material manufacturing, and has the first-class qualification for general contracting of house building and construction. Zhuozheng has successively contracted to build a number of key projects at the provincial and municipal levels, with a qualified rate of acceptance inspection of 100% and a high-quality product rate of more than 90%. It has won several honorary titles such as "High-quality Project of Hebei Province", “Gucheng Cup”, "Anji Cup", and "Users’ Satisfaction Construction Project of Hebei Province" for many times and has acquired good economic and social benefits. In the future, Zhuozheng will focus on the scientific development of building materials industry. The construction of Zhuozheng Building Materials Industrial Park will be started, it can reach an annual production of 300,000 square meters of aluminum door and window curtain wall, an annual production of 30,000 tons of green new-type tubes, and an annual production of 100,000 square meters of assembled houses after finishing the construction and production. The goal of the enterprise is to achieve an annual output value of 1 billion yuan, effectively promote local labor and economic development, and help the construction of a city with quality life.

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