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SINCE 1992

Leader`s speech - Zhuozheng Group

30 years of trials and hardships, 30 years of sheer endeavor, 30 years of rich fruits.

For a company that aims to long-term development, 30 years is just its young age, but for Zhuozheng, it is more like a looking back for its dream.

During the 30 years from 1992 to 2022, we faced the trend of the reform and opening up policy and got onto the train with rapid development of the industry. In the meantime, we have also felt the industry fluctuations like roller coaster, but also experienced a variety of harsh social tests. With the enterprise spirit of "Diligence can cultivate excellence and having far-reaching aspiration" and the tenacious struggle of entrepreneurs, after 30 years of steady and healthy development, Zhuozheng has become a comprehensive enterprise group integrating real estate development, building and construction, property management, tourist scenery spots, hotel and trade and commerce, modern agriculture, healing industry, science and technology industry.
Those who are enterprising will go far; those who are endeavoring will achieve goals. The "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" period is the first five years for the state to ride on the momentum, open a new journey of comprehensively building a socialist modernized country and strive to achieve the goal of the second hundred years, and it is also the five years for making every effort to build a new pattern of integrated development of Beijing-Xiong’an-Baoding and strive to promote the construction of a city of modern quality of life. Faced with this rare historical opportunity, we should accurately recognize changes, scientifically cope with changes, actively change ourselves, comprehensively grasp the new development stage, deepen the implementation of the new development concept, accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, continuously enhance the competitiveness, innovation, influence and risk resistance of enterprises, and contribute Zhuozheng’s strength to the era tasks endowed by history!
"Excellence creates value and uprightness wins development." Standing in the new historical direction, Zhuozheng Group does not forget the original intention, has full confidence, keeps its firm determination, maintains the unchanged pursuit of quality as always, saves the power of recurrence, actively and continuously creates more value for the society, and works hand in hand with all sectors of society to create a brilliant future!



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