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Social Responsibility

SINCE 1992

Social ResponsibilityZHUOZHENG

Take responsibility and be grateful to the society

Only by consciously taking social responsibilities in the development of an enterprise can it achieve a win-win situation of economic and social benefits and achieve a century-old foundation. Zhuozheng actively supports social welfare undertakings, and continues to carry out public welfare activities in the fields of disaster relief, education assistance, unpaid blood donation, community development, rural revitalization, and healthy elderly care. It is committed to being a responsible "corporate citizen" and continuously contributing to the enterprise.


Zhuozheng Group established the "Zhuozheng Love Foundation" with the purpose of establishing love, helping those in distress, spreading friendship, and repaying the society, helping employees in difficulty internally and taking social responsibilities externally.

Over the past 30 years, Zhuozheng has taken the initiative to undertake social responsibilities: donated 1.2 million yuan to the Wenchuan earthquake-stricken area and 1.5 million yuan to the 7.21 flood-stricken area; for many years in a row, helping the poor, donating to school; donating hundreds of materials and materials to fight the new crown epidemic million ......


For seven consecutive years, Zhuozheng Group organized the public welfare activity of "Hundreds of People Donating Blood and Love", and the cumulative blood donation exceeded 360,000 ml, and established the "Red Cross Society of China Donation of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Volunteer Service Baoding City Branch Zhuozheng Property Team" to ensure clinical use. blood has made an outstanding contribution.

Charity and public welfare


Old books do not expire - Zhuozheng Property's 6th "Knowledge Transfer Textbook Reuse" public welfare activity was successfully held

On July 19, Zhuozheng Property Management organized the 6th "Knowledge Transfer Textbook Reuse" public welfare activity. More than 20 children aged 3-13 participated in this activity and passed on more than 200 books. Two-thirds of the children participated in this activity organized by Zhuozheng Property more than once.

Zhuozheng Practices Social Responsibility and Helps the Targeted Poverty Alleviation Action of "Hundreds of Enterprises Helping Hundreds of Villages"

On July 16, the Baoding Federation of Industry and Commerce's "Hundred Enterprises Helping Hundred Villages" to help Fuping poverty alleviation promotion meeting was held in Fuping County. The Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, together with 20 enterprises in Baoding, donated to 20 new rural clinics in Fuping County. Xin Qunlai, President of Zhuozheng Group, attended the donation ceremony and donated to Jinggou Village, Chengnanzhuang Town, Fuping County.

The school building is renovated and renewed, Zhuozheng Group's targeted poverty alleviation warms people's hearts

Zhuozheng Holding Group actively responded to the "Hundred Enterprises Helping Hundred Villages" activity of Baoding City Federation of Industry and Commerce, carried out targeted poverty alleviation, entered Wangeryu Village, Tang County, Baoding, a national-level poverty-stricken village, and successfully completed the repair and love project of the village primary school building.

Deeply cultivating public welfare undertakings and fulfilling social responsibilities - remembering the 4th "Hundreds of People Donating Blood and Love" public welfare activities of Zhuozheng Property

 On the morning of April 28, it was hosted by Baoding Zhuozheng Property Service Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Baoding Central Blood Station, Baoding Property Management Association, and Baoding Decoration Building Materials Federation. The 4th "Hundreds of People Donate Blood and Love Passing" public welfare activity was held in Lijing Lanwan District A.

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