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SINCE 1992

Talent ConceptZHUOZHENG

Diligence can cultivate excellence and having far-reaching aspiration

Zhuozheng Holdings Group has always taken talent development as an important system construction for the enterprise development, integrating employee interests with enterprise benefits.

A group of Zhuozheng people, by virtue of the enterprise spirit of "Diligence can cultivate excellence and having far-reaching aspiration", continuously develop and expand the enterprise, build and innovate the urban life with outstanding quality. The enterprise has become the Top 500 Enterprises in Chinese service industry.


Integrate the ideals of employees into the enterprise cause

Integrate the interests of employees into the enterprise benefits

Integrate the behaviors of employees into the enterprise image

Integrate the prospects of employees into the enterprise development

Education system

A wonderful career from Zhuozheng!

 Internal training 

On-the-job training:The Human Resources Department regularly organizes new employees to conduct on-the-job training to help new employees familiarize themselves with the company's profile, culture, system and working environment.

On-the-job coaching:Train and guide new employees in daily work by formulating plans, assigning work, evaluating and assisting in solving problems.

Intra-departmental training:Small-scale, highly targeted professional planning training for new employees, these trainings are combined with work practices and will help new employees improve their job skills.

External training

The company regularly selects experts from well-known training institutions and consulting institutions to hold thematic training in the company.

Open courses:Select and send employees to external professional training institutions to participate in various short-term courses.

Outbound inspections:Organizing visits and inspections to benchmarking enterprises or institutions at home and abroad.

Degree education:Select and send outstanding employees to relevant institutions at home and abroad to pursue full-time degrees or orientation studies.

Job rotation/job transfer training:Arrange employees to study, exercise and work across departments or companies within the scope, and help employees systematically learn and understand the company's operating characteristics and other professional skills.


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