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Zhuozheng Commercial Trade
Before the rise of e-commerce, supermarket shopping was the main consumption habit of people. With the development of e-commerce, the fastness and variety of e-commerce platforms have quickly won the love and praise of consumers. Under this general trend, Zhuozheng Trading seeks e-commerce transformation in a timely manner, optimizes online mall stores, opens online live broadcast rooms, adds community self-pickup points and logistics and distribution services, and creates "online ordering, warehousing and direct delivery," for new and old customers. A brand-new consumer experience of "fast delivery".
Remember the hardworking and promising Zhuo Zhengren
"Although the house is called a house for our intermediary, for the client, he bought this house, and this is his life's home." The TV series "Settlement" once brought fire to the profession of real estate agency, and it is also known as "outside the circle". ” has opened up a new world of real estate agents face-to-face. Life is like a drama, and drama is like life. We talked to 3 brokers from Zhuozheng Real Estate, and came into contact with the living conditions and survival rules of those real estate agents that were not included in "An Jia". This "difficult to read scriptures", and the secrets of scripture interpretation, often come from the simplest "treat each other with sincerity".
Zhuo Zhengren's Column - Zhuo Zheng's Top Sales in the Upper East District, Li Jing
Li Jing is the sales champion of Zhuozheng Upper East District in 2020 and the winner of the honorary title of "Advanced Individual" of Zhuozheng Group in 2020. With the arrival of "Xiaoyangchun" in the real estate industry in 2021, the number of visits to the Zhuozheng Upper East District Marketing Center has increased, and the reception work of real estate consultant Li Jing has become increasingly busy.
Zhuo Zhengren's Column - Zhuo Zhengren's N+1 Possibilities
Column of hardworking and promising Zhuo Zhengren Zhuo Zhengren's N+1 possibility Since its establishment in 1992, Zhuozheng has deeply cultivated Baoding and gained market recognition, which is inseparable from the silent efforts of every Zhuozheng person. It is thousands of Zhuozheng people who use their own hands to convey the temperature of Zhuozheng's quality of life. As the 30th anniversary of Zhuozheng's establishment is approaching, let us present to Zhuozheng's 30th anniversary with practical actions, pay tribute to every Zhuozheng person, and pay tribute to the beautiful life that belongs to this city!
Zhuozheng Holding Group trains financial literacy and internal strength to build "soft power" to promote management
On May 23, 2020, Zhuozheng Holding Group organized more than 40 middle and high-level enterprise managers to carry out a one-day training course on "Financial Literacy Improvement of Enterprise Managers" in Zhuozheng Hotel, aiming to improve the financial literacy of group managers and employees. Attainment, expand financial thinking, and facilitate the role of financial management in enhancing corporate value in work practice. Subsequent trainees will also apply the knowledge learned in the classroom to practical work, in line with the requirements of the group's management to improve work, and transform the theory into the company's wealth, so as to achieve the effect of "there must be a sound when landing". Train financial literacy and internal strength, build "soft power" and promote management
Stable and far-reaching, hard-working and promising - a wonderful review of Zhuozheng Holding Group's 2020 Chinese New Year Group Meeting and Commendation Conference
On January 20, 2020, the 2020 Spring Festival Party and Commendation Conference of Zhuozheng Holding Group was grandly held. The party is divided into two chapters, "Salute to Struggle, Walkers More" and "Excellent Pioneer, Shining Starry Sky". It pays tribute to Zhuozheng people who are running hard on the road of struggle with glory, and becomes the most dazzling star in the vast starry sky with excellence and integrity. Let's fight for the day and live up to our youth, we are confident, our dreams are blooming, and we will welcome the arrival of 2020 together. Work hard and forge ahead with determination, let us unite more closely under the strong leadership of the board of directors, overcome difficulties, and make unremitting efforts to realize the corporate vision of a century-old Zhuozheng!
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