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Love is meticulous care, love is the moving of life to save Zhuozheng Property's green staff bravely save the drowning children

Love is meticulous care, love is the moving of life to save Zhuozheng Property's green staff bravely save the drowning children


On July 9, Wu Chuanben, a greening employee of Baoding Zhuozheng Property Service Co., Ltd., successfully rescued a drowning child in Lanwan Lake, Area B, Lijing Lanwan.
As a greener of Baoding Zhuozheng Property Service Co., Ltd., Wu Chuanben insists on inspecting Lanwan Lake every day. At around 1:5 noon on July 9, Wu Chuanben was patrolling the lakeside when he suddenly found several children on the bank pointing at the lake, shouting: "Save people! Save people! A child has fallen. It's in the water!" Wu Chuanben hurriedly ran to the scene of the accident, only to find a child in the lake, undulating with the lake. After days of rain, the water level of the lake rose, the child struggled for a while, and gradually sank into the water, leaving only one arm on the water. Wu Chuanben reached out to catch it, but he couldn't reach it at all. Wu Chuanben said, "I didn't think of anything at the time, so I jumped off the lake." Wu Chuanben swam in the direction of the drowning person by feeling, and swiped his arms to search. Fortunately, it didn't take long for his arm to hit the drowning child. Wu Chuanben first pushed him to the surface, let him take a breath, and then he emerged from the water to take a breath, so that he took turns to take a breath before dragging the child to the shore.
The timely and decisive handling of this incident of falling into the water is mainly due to the company's perfect operating mechanism, the rigorous work style of the leaders, the excellent professional quality of the employees, and the active cooperation of the majority of owners, which fully demonstrates that the company is owner-centered. , To serve as the purpose, to the concept of harmony as the corporate culture. On the road of future development, the company will continue to devote itself to the construction and management of harmonious communities, and establish a model and benchmark among property companies in the city, so as to continuously achieve a new leap forward in the company's development.


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