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Mutual assistance, love relay - Zhuozheng Group launched the "One-day donation to help employees in need" activity

Mutual assistance, love relay - Zhuozheng Group launched the "One-day donation to help employees in need" activity


In April 2010, in response to the call of the Beicheng Federation of Trade Unions, the Group actively carried out the activity of "One Day Donation to Help Needy Employees". The so-called "one-day donation" refers to raising funds through various channels to help employees who have serious difficulties caused by major diseases and sudden disasters, reflecting the spirit of mutual aid and mutual assistance of "help me when I am in trouble, and help others when there is no difficulty". , so that the majority of employees can share the results of mutual assistance and love relay, and promote the unity and harmony of enterprises and social civilization and stability.
Drops of water form rivers, and soils form mountains. Since the launch of the event, the leaders of the group have attached great importance to this opportunity to seek protection for employees, actively deployed trade union organizations at all levels, and widely mobilized employees to participate in this event.
As long as everyone contributes a small part of their own strength, in times of crisis, they can receive a steady stream of help. To carry out the "One Day Donation" activity, Zhuozheng Group has ten units including Group Headquarters, Construction Company, Chengxin Real Estate, Chengxin Building Materials, Daguanyuan, Xinyuan Real Estate, Zhuozheng Hotel, Jingbei Real Estate, Beijing Real Estate, Zhuozheng Property and so on. Donations, the number of donors reached 492, and the total amount of funds raised was 27,306 yuan. Work together to help the needy and help the needy. While extending a helping hand to employees in need, they also store a love for themselves!
We believe that in this love relay activity full of love, we will walk side by side, hold hands, go farther, and take firmer steps!


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