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Zhuozheng Group carried out projects inspection action "review + exchange" to improve the quality and efficiency of back-up-forward

On March 26, Zhuozheng Group carried out on-site inspections of 6 real estate self-develop and self-operate projects. The inspections included engineering construction, after-sales maintenance, property management and other aspects. After the first inspection in 2020, Zhuozheng Group once again carried out a "physical examination, consultation and prescription" on the operation status of each project. The purpose is to comprehensively strengthen quality control, improve service levels, and continuously optimize the living experience and quality of the owners.

That day, the inspection team composed of the head of the operation management department and product research and development department of Zhuozheng Group headquarters, as well as the senior leaders and department heads of related companies such as real estate companies, construction companies, property companies, etc. , Lijing Lanwan  A, B, C and Lijingxicheng conducted special inspections. The inspection contents include civil works, facilities and equipment, landscape, service management standards, etc.

In the site-inspection stage, the inspection team start from details, check the deficiencies from a professional perspective and a customer perspective,  being responsible for the times, the society, and the owners.Going all the way, looking all the way, from the overall optimization of the management of projects, to the decoration of plants and trees, carefully record the problems found and discuss them in multiple ways to ensure that the pain points are directly hit and a breakthrough is found for optimization and improvement.

At the inspection summary meeting, the inspection team review all the existing problems in the inspection.

Construction companies and property management companies have expressed their stance on undertaking inspections, after-sales maintenance, early intervention, and service management quality for projects under construction, resolutely implemented them, and make every effort to optimize them. According to the requirements of key work, the heads of relevant departments will implement the establishment and improvement of work plans such as after-sales maintenance mechanism, rectification system inspection mechanism, major hidden danger investigation and reporting mechanism, and improve work effectiveness.

The inspection is to analyze the actual situation and solve the contradictions of problems, and it is also to focus on the establishment, development, design and construction of future projects in a concrete way, in order to gain insight into people's wide-ranging needs for buildings, based on reality, trace the existing problems to the source, and A forward-looking perspective to explore future needs and avoid design and planning flaws to the greatest extent possible.

Zhuozheng Group is committed to the pre-development, mid-term construction and post-service of buildings with a responsible attitude towards past, present and future customers. By reviewing and inspecting mature real estate over the years, rectify and improve persistent problems in a more targeted manner, deeply implement the corporate mission of "build a city dream and create a quality life", and implement the high-quality awareness of "model first, quality is king" , to promote by investigation, comprehensive analysis, and thorough rectification, and promote the overall improvement of Zhuozheng Group's quality management and brand reputation with practical actions.


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