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The construction of Zhuozheng Constellation Plaza project starts to add vitality to the development of Baoding's satellite Internet of Things industry

On the morning of March 10, the Constellation Plaza project in Lianchi District held a groundbreaking ceremony at the headquarters of Zhuozheng Group. Relevant leaders of Baoding Municipal Government and Lianchi District Government, Chairman of Zhuozheng Holding Group Huilai Xin, President Qunlai Xin and members of the board of directors, representatives of Beijing Guodian Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony.

Zhuozheng Constellation Plaza covers an area of 25666.67 square meters, with a total construction area of 142,000 square meters. The planned investment is about 1.08 billion yuan. It is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of 2023. The project is invested and constructed by Hebei Zhuozheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. It is named after the Tianqi Satellite R&D Headquarters and North China Operation Center will be located here.

After completion, it will cover "one station", namely the satellite ground integrated station, "five centers", namely the satellite Internet of things technology innovation center, the satellite Internet of things big data center, the satellite Internet of Things application service center, the satellite Internet of Things design and development center, and the satellite Internet of things terminal. The production center and industrial supporting facilities will drive the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industrial ecological chains and 5G, Internet of Things, big data, commercial aerospace and other industries, add new momentum to the transformation and development of Zhuozheng Group, and build a pilot city for "Science and Technology China" in Baoding , The development of the digital economy injects new vitality.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, Qunlai Xin, President of Zhuozheng Holding Group, delivered a speech. He said that Zhuozheng Group actively participated in the investment and operation of Apocalypse Satellite, which contributed to the landing of the satellite Internet of Things industry in Baoding and filled the gap in the Baoding satellite industry. The holding of the groundbreaking ceremony marks that the project has truly entered the stage of substantive results. After completion, Constellation Plaza will become an industrial platform integrating satellite and terminal application product R&D center, technology innovation center, and application service center with complete supporting and functional low-orbit satellite IOT, driven by aerospace satellite IOT technology application industry, "Inline" regional high-quality resources and "outbound" major cities, reshape the urban spatial pattern in the region, and drive the coordinated development of high-quality industries.

Zhang Chao, the mayor of Lianchi District, delivered a speech on the spot, expressing warm congratulations on the start of the project and expressing his sincere expectations for the early commissioning of the project. He pointed out that under the background of in-depth cooperation between government and enterprises, relevant government departments will provide policy support, service guarantee, guidance and assistance to promote the high-quality and efficient completion of the project, and build Baoding with a new generation of information technology and aerospace fusion technology research and development and application. The integrated industrial cluster makes the project a new engine for regional development, fully serving the technological innovation and digital economy construction of Lianchi District and Baoding City.

Afterwards, Wang Yueheng, a member of the party group of Baoding Municipal Government, announced the start of construction. Cannon salutes were fired at the scene, colorful flowers were in full bloom, engineering vehicles honked their horns, and ground was broken. Together with the members of the board of directors and the leaders of Guodian Hi-Tech, they shoveled and cultivated the soil, bringing a new starting point for the development of Zhuozheng Group, marking that the Apocalypse Satellite Internet of Things industry has entered the stage of substantive results.

Further reading:

Zhuozheng Group began to invest in Beijing Guodian Hi-Tech's "Apocalypse Constellation" project in 2018. In March 2020, it signed a tripartite agreement with Baoding Municipal Government, Lianchi District Government, and Guodian Hi-Tech to facilitate the development of Apocalypse Satellite Operation Center and satellite IoT industry. Baoding. In February 2022, Zhuozheng Group was awarded the honorary title of "2021 Advanced Group for Investment Promotion in Baoding's Construction of a Modern City of Quality Life".

Apocalypse Satellite is my country's first low-orbit IoT constellation that provides data services in orbit. It has made systematic innovations in payload design, satellite design, and constellation design. The project plans to use 38 satellites to form a network to create a satellite IoT ecosystem that integrates "air, sky, earth and sea" and achieve global coverage, effectively solving the current IoT data communication coverage blind spot problem, which is important for improving my country's global data network coverage and application capabilities. It has strategic significance and is listed as a national new infrastructure project and a demonstration project of military-civilian integration. At present, the project has 15 satellites in orbit and has entered the second stage of networking.

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