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Old books do not expire - Zhuozheng Property's 6th "Knowledge Transfer Textbook Reuse" public welfare activity was successfully held

     On July 19, Zhuozheng Property Management organized the 6th "Knowledge Transfer Textbook Reuse" public welfare activity. More than 20 children aged 3-13 participated in this activity and passed on more than 200 books. Two-thirds of the children participated in this activity organized by Zhuozheng Property more than once.



        The bookcases at home are full, but there is very little time to read; the picture books for children and the review materials for primary and secondary school textbooks may not be read again after reading them... Let those "old" people who are pressed against the bottom of the box and piled up in the corners to fall into ashes Love" has become everyone's "new favorite". Zhuozheng Property Management organizes this activity, aiming to turn old books into treasures, recycle books, and carry out green environmental protection to the end while continuously passing on knowledge.

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