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The school building is renovated and renewed, Zhuozheng Group's targeted poverty alleviation warms people's hearts

       The school building is renovated and renewed, Zhuozheng Group's targeted poverty alleviation warms people's hearts



        This love project is a targeted poverty alleviation action by Zhuozheng Holding Group in response to the "Hundred Enterprises Helping Hundred Villages" activity of Baoding Federation of Industry and Commerce. Zhen Changle, Secretary of Wangeryu Village Committee, Wangeryu Village cadres Liu Yujun (Deputy Director of Baoding Radio and Television Station), Tan Chenglin (section Chief of Baoding Radio and Television Station), representatives of Zhuozheng Holding Group and Zhuozheng Manufacturing Company, and Teachers from Wangeryu Village Primary School participated in this activity.



        Wangeryu Village, Chuanli Town, Tang County is a national-level poverty-stricken village. Due to its remote location, poor traffic conditions, and lack of funds, the primary school buildings are extremely rudimentary and outdated. After learning about it, Zhuozheng Holding Group actively communicated and coordinated with the local government, and proposed to replace the classrooms with new aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges to provide students with a safe and warm learning environment. The representative of Zhuozheng Holding Group said that it is the consistent responsibility and responsibility of Zhuozheng Group to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with practical actions and help the targeted poverty alleviation special action carried out across the country. Zhuozheng will continue to pay attention to the development of the school and the growth of children for a long time, care about education with practical actions, and care for students in mountainous areas.




after construction


        After two days of intense construction, the doors and windows of the school building have been completely renewed. Wangeryu Village cadres and primary school teachers spoke highly of Zhuozheng Holding Group's kind deeds.

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