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Deeply cultivating public welfare undertakings and fulfilling social responsibilities - remembering the 4th "Hundreds of People Donating Blood and Love" public welfare activities of Zhuozheng Property

       On the morning of April 28, it was hosted by Baoding Zhuozheng Property Service Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Baoding Central Blood Station, Baoding Property Management Association, and Baoding Decoration Building Materials Federation. The 4th "Hundreds of People Donate Blood and Love Passing" public welfare activity was held in Lijing Lanwan District A.



        Zhang Yu, Minister of the Comprehensive Department of the Youth League Municipal Committee, Lv Weiyan, Deputy Director of the Central Blood Station, Tian Jun, Secretary General of Baoding Property Management Association, Zhao Xiaofei, Secretary General of Baoding Decoration Building Materials Federation, Ren Xilai, Executive Director of Zhuozheng Property Company, and Zhao Hu, Executive Deputy General Manager attended Launching Ceremony. A total of more than 600 people, including Zhuozheng Property employees, community owners, caring enterprises and caring people from all walks of life, participated in the event. More than 200 people donated blood, and 128 people were qualified to donate blood, with a total blood donation of 45,700 ml.



       Zhao Hu said that blood is the cornerstone of life, and blood donation is the gift of life continuation, and voluntary blood donation has a long way to go. The purpose of this event is through the organization and dissemination of Zhuozheng Property Management, to deepen the social welfare awareness and mutual assistance concept, gradually realize a good social atmosphere of voluntary blood donation, help more patients in need of blood, and extend the influence of public welfare undertakings to a deeper and deeper level. Far.



        Zhuozheng Property and Baoding Central Blood Station held a signing ceremony, intending to jointly contribute to public welfare in the long-term, marking the official launch of the blood donation activity. At the event site, the staff of Zhuozheng Property carefully prepared exquisite gifts and loving brown sugar water for every caring person who donated blood, thanking them for their contribution to the public welfare of Baoding.

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