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Love conveys warmth, and righteousness is always in the heart - a story of Zhang Lilei, the western chef of Zhuozheng Hotel, who was brave in righteousness

At 4 am on August 29, Zhang Lilei, the chef of the Hyatt buffet at Zhuozheng Hotel, was thinking about the team meal work for breakfast, and got up early to go to the hotel. When he passed by the East Lake, he suddenly found a girl in her twenties squatting under a tree by the roadside, as if blood was bleeding from her arm, and he quickly stopped. When I got closer, the girl looked sad, and the blood flowed from her arms and wrists. Zhang Lilei understood a bit in his heart, he immediately grabbed the girl's bleeding wrist, put away the underground blade, kept communicating with the girl, comforting the girl, and dispelling the girl's thoughts of suicide. When the girl's mood stabilized, he immediately dialed 110 and 120. When the 120 ambulance pulled the girl away, he hurried to work.

After get off work, Zhang Lilei was restless, got in touch with the girl, comforted and persuaded the girl, and told the girl that she could do her best to help if she had any difficulties. The girl surnamed Li was moved and said, "Although I have no home, I feel it. The warmth between people, there are such good people in the world, and the world is full of sunshine..."

Now many people in the society "hide" things, with the idea that more things are worse than less things, when asked about Zhang Lilei's thoughts, he said: "First of all, I am a Zhuozheng person, and Zhuozheng's corporate culture teaches us to be honest and upright. In pursuit of development, as long as I do things in an upright manner and do my duty for the society and others, I have nothing to worry about.”

Excellence creates value and Zhengda wins development. Over the years, Zhuozheng has always been adhering to the development concept of excellence and integrity, and pays attention to openness, honesty and trustworthiness in life and work. We call on all walks of life to actively participate in social welfare, convey warmth with love, spread the positive energy spirit of the society, and build a harmonious society together.

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