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Zhuozheng Group organizes employees of all companies to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in an orderly manner

Zhuozheng Group organizes employees of all companies to be vaccinated against

COVID-19 in an orderly manner


In order to further consolidate the defense line of epidemic prevention and control, Zhuozheng Group recently organized employees of subsidiaries to come to the temporary vaccination site, Zhuozheng International Hotel, to actively cooperate with the new coronavirus vaccination work in Baoding.

Before vaccination, Zhuozheng Group carried out extensive publicity and mobilization, and centralized organization of vaccination work under the principle of informed, consent and voluntariness. At the vaccination site, the medical workers of Baoding Fifth Hospital and the staff of Zhuozheng Hotel were ready early and stuck to their posts.

The employees of each company who participated in the vaccination came in an orderly manner according to the planned time period. The vaccination site was in good order, and the staff queued up consciously, from receiving and filling in the informed consent form, medical inquiry, checking and entering ID card information, vaccination, to staying for 30 minutes, all links were carried out in an orderly manner. According to the needs of vaccination work,The hotel has set up a special ambulance room and observation area for employees to observe their health half an hour after vaccination.



From the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination on 1th April  to the second dose on 13th May , the first batch of COVID-19 vaccination in Zhuozheng Group was successfully completed. Zhuozheng Group will continue to actively cooperate with the vaccination work in Baoding to help consolidate the achievements of epidemic prevention and control in Baoding.


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