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Zhuozheng Group donated money to support the "7.21" flood disaster area in Baoding

On July 31, 2012, at the "Great Disaster Showing Great Love - Baoding City Flood Fighting and Disaster Relief Large-scale Fund-raising Gala" hosted by the Baoding Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Hebei Zhuozheng Industrial Group, as a comprehensive enterprise group with a high sense of social responsibility , donated 1.5 million yuan to the disaster area. As the first enterprise to donate money for the Wenchuan earthquake, the expression of love always runs through the development of the enterprise, and has donated money and materials to public welfare undertakings such as Golden Autumn Student Aid, Wenchuan Earthquake, Shanhua Project, and Hope Project. Zhuozheng Group undertakes its own social responsibility and helps others open the door of hope with sincerity.

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