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Zhuozheng Group launches Fuping poverty alleviation public welfare activities

On May 16, 2013, Zhuozheng Group held the launching ceremony of Fuping Poverty Alleviation and Public Welfare Activities, and incorporated the poverty alleviation and relief work for Qingyanggou Village in Fuping County into the business strategy of developing eco-tourism and promoting healthy diet. achieve long-term poverty alleviation goals.
Shi Hailin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Commander of the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Headquarters, attended the launching ceremony. He said that the city's poverty alleviation work is arduous, with a large area and a large population. Leading the city's 1.38 million poor people out of poverty and becoming rich is not only the overall situation of Baoding's development, but also the obligatory political task of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The cadres and the masses of the impoverished counties are fully devoted to poverty alleviation with unprecedented courage and energy. In this critical period of poverty alleviation, strong support from projects, funds, talents, technology and other aspects is urgently needed.
Shi Hailin emphasized that this industrial poverty alleviation model of Zhuozheng Group is a good way to fundamentally help poverty-stricken areas get rid of poverty. He hoped that Fuping County will further enhance its sense of responsibility and service, and cooperate with Zhuozheng Group to provide the best way to the project. Provide excellent service and work together to make poverty alleviation industry projects bigger and bigger. He called on people of insight and strong entrepreneurs to seize the current favorable opportunity to contribute to Fuping County's resource advantages, cultivating characteristic industries, accelerating poverty alleviation and development, and contributing to the people in the old areas to live a prosperous life as soon as possible. Share the love and do our part for the poverty alleviation and development work of Baoding City, achieve a win-win situation for corporate profits, county economic development, and poverty alleviation and prosperity for the poor, and find a new way of participating in poverty alleviation and development through market-based means.

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