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Loving you, me, he, warm family

On May 16, 2013, Zhuozheng Group held the launching ceremony of Fuping Poverty Alleviation and Public Welfare Activities, and incorporated the poverty alleviation and relief work for Qingyanggou Village in Fuping County into the business strategy of developing eco-tourism and promoting healthy diet. achieve long-term poverty alleviation goals.
Shi Hailin, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Deputy Commander of the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Headquarters, attended the launching ceremony. He said that the city's poverty alleviation work is arduous, with a large area and a large population. Leading the city's 1.38 million poor people out of poverty and becoming rich is not only the overall situation of Baoding's development, but also the obligatory political task of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. The cadres and the masses of the impoverished counties are fully devoted to poverty alleviation with unprecedented courage and energy. In this critical period of poverty alleviation, strong support from projects, funds, talents, technology and other aspects is urgently needed.
Editor's note: Lianxin is caring and loving for the little family, and is warm and sincere for everyone. Visiting employees in difficulty, condolences to empty-nest elderly people, a little love and a piece of warmth, make Zhuozheng's big family closely integrated with all walks of life, become more harmonious and stable, and become a real "Zhuozheng's family life".

Relieve worries and help difficulties, and warm employees. Recently, the trade union of Zhuozheng International Hotel visited the homes of employees in difficulty on the eve of the Spring Festival, and extended their warm care and holiday greetings to their company. Representatives of the trade union of Zhuozheng Hotel had a cordial conversation with the destitute workers and their families, and expressed their gratitude to them for their contributions to the hotel. After inquiring about the working and living conditions of the employees in detail, the hotel union said that they would try their best to help them solve their difficulties and send warmth to the hearts of the employees in difficulty. At the same time, employees in difficulties are encouraged to build confidence, actively face the immediate difficulties, maintain an optimistic attitude, boost their spirits, and become self-reliant. At the scene of condolences, the employees in need and their families who were visited and condoled expressed their gratitude to the hotel representatives for their concern and condolences. They all said that with the care and support of the hotel leaders, they have the confidence to overcome the current difficulties and devote themselves to work with a high-spirited attitude.

      During the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar, in order to make the empty nesters no longer lonely on this reunion day and make them feel the warmth of home, Zhuozheng Property provides services to the elderly who have lost their only child and empty nesters in the community, including those with special difficulties and severe disabilities. 32 households including the owners conducted visits and condolences, bringing them holiday greetings and care. The staff of Zhuozheng Property brought glutinous rice balls, fruits and other condolences for the elderly, and dialed the number of their children on the spot. "Come home often!" Listening to the concern of the old man on the phone and the staff's instructions, the voice on the other end of the phone was obviously choked. "It's really helpless for your children to go out. You can understand that Zhuozheng Property will help you take good care of the elderly. If you have anything, feel free to contact us. Don't worry." Listening to the words of the property staff, the elderly and children thanked them repeatedly, saying that it is really worth it to have such a good property! There is a kind of warmth called caring, and there is a kind of action called warm heart. Zhuozheng Property adheres to the "home" culture, conveys warmth and care to the community, and creates a harmonious community environment and good-neighborly relationship. Better!

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