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Gift Chongyang, Wisdom Helps the Elderly Zhuozheng Group Helps 2021 National Respect for the Elderly Month

On October 14th, Baoding City successfully held the 2021 "Respect for the Elderly Month" themed publicity activity with the theme of "Respecting the Elderly Month" in Zhuozheng Shennong Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park. This event was co-sponsored by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Civilization Office, Municipal Veteran Cadre Bureau, Civil Affairs Bureau, Baoding Daily, Baoding Radio and Television Station, and Tang Yao New Media Communication Co., Ltd., Baoding Senior Citizens Association, Baoding Geriatrics Association, Baoding City The First Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Publicity Department of Xushui District Committee and Zhuozheng Holding Group are jointly organized, and Zhuozheng Shennong Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park and Yuexin Health Center are specifically organized.
Respect the old and create a better future
At the launching ceremony, Xin Hongfang, general manager of Zhuozheng Holding Group, delivered a speech. She said that during the 14th Five-Year Plan, Zhuozheng Group, as a brand enterprise in Baoding City, will continue to follow the pace of urban development and actively respond to the “14th Five-Year Plan with Passion and Rebuild a New Baoding” proposed by the 12th Party Congress of Baoding City. , to realize the major measures of "care for the elderly, and livable living", "to build a new pattern of integrated development of Beijing-Xiong-healthcare, and to build a world medical center and a centralized rehabilitative place for Beijing's health care", vigorously develop health care career, and actively play the role of " Relying on the health care town advocated in the 14th Five-Year Plan, with the health industry as the core, the linkage effect of “Health Care+” integrates diversified functions such as passive ultra-low energy consumption buildings, urban agriculture, and smart health care into one. It will build the first rural health care town project in Baoding to realize the unified and coordinated development of health, health preservation and old-age care.
​Guan Yanbin, founder of the top ten health care brands Nuanxinwo and director of Zhuo Zhengyuexin Health Care, delivered speeches from three aspects: the pension industry, the future pension model of the future community, and the practice thinking and sharing of the Summer Palace. He said that the Yihe Graceland is an important practice of Zhuozheng for community health care. Zhuozhengyue’s mental health care has customized a 360° full-age care system from health and well-being, physical vitality to physical and mental pleasure, and cooperated with domestic and foreign high-quality resources. Build community outpatient clinics, health cabins, day care centers, etc., to provide comprehensive health management services for families.
Zhang Changchun, Executive Deputy Director of the Propaganda Department of Baoding Municipal Party Committee, Liu Jianli, Deputy Director of the Organization Department of Baoding Municipal Party Committee and Director of Veteran Cadres, Tian Yanjun, Director of Baoding Civil Affairs Bureau, Li Huibin, Secretary of the Party Committee, President and Editor-in-Chief of Baoding Daily, Baoding No. 1 Middle School Wang Hui, member of the hospital party committee and vice president, delivered speeches on related topics in turn. The government and enterprises are working together to promote development and provide strong support and guarantee for the development of elderly care services in our city. The coordinated development of home and community institutions in the city and the combination of medical care and health care are accelerating the establishment of an elderly care service system and showing a good development trend.
Respond to the call and set sail warmly
Under the dual influence of the government and the development of health care, in order to implement the national strategy of actively responding to the aging population, in recent years, Zhuozheng Group has actively responded to the call of the Baoding Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government to invest in the construction of high-end health care communities and help quality with practical actions. Living city construction!
As the first health care community in Baoding, Zhuozheng Yihe Graceland has innovated a new model of health care services, effectively integrating community care and home care, and achieving the goal of “not leaving the community, not leaving home” for professional care.
Yihe Graceland Yuexin Health Care Center builds a comprehensive health care service system of "medicine, health, care, research, entertainment, and joy", covering traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, medical services, health management, cultural leisure, nutritional diet and other dimensions . Relying on the Shennong Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, it covers the three major formats of creative leisure agriculture, modern mechanical agriculture and health care industry livability. It pays tribute to life with ecological livability, and makes nature and health always accompany.
Here, all-round respect for the elderly, multi-dimensional health services, and the most intimate protection and warm companionship for the elderly.
Filial piety and loving relatives is a cultural gene flowing in the blood of the Chinese nation, and a civilized family tradition passed down from generation to generation in China. In the development of the cause of aging, Zhuozheng Group always follows the pace of the government, contributes to the strength of the enterprise, and works with the country to jointly cope with the arrival of a deeply aging society!

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