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Quality of life

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Shennong Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park

Responding to the national call for targeted poverty reduction and rural revitalization, Zhuozheng has distributed the layout of modern agricultural section, construct Shennong Modern Agricultural Demonstration Park. The park is located in Caohe Town, Xushui District, with an overall planned area of more than 1333 hectare and a total planned investment of 6 billion yuan. The overall planning has formed a spatial pattern of "one zone and six districts, one core, two centers and five points", and 366 hectare has been built. The planning and layout of the park focuses on urban agriculture, intelligent agriculture, agricultural product processing, pastoral health care and health preserving communities, leisure tourism, popular science education, cultural and creative experience. It realizes the objectives of primary, secondary and tertiary industrial integration, agricultural restructuring, farmers' affluence, and rural revitalization.

Lotus Grand View Garden

In the field of tourist scenery spots, Zhuozheng continues to improve the service quality, plans to develop series of scenery spots of "Grand View Garden", committed to building the optimal tourist destination. The Zhuozheng Lotus Grand View Garden project developed and operated by the Company is located in Baiyangdian, knowns as the Pearl of North China, covering an area of more than 2,000 mu. Based on Baiyangdian wetland culture, folk historical culture and ecological culture, this project meticulously builds lotus as the theme, and is an ecological scenery spot integrating tourism, leisure vacation, conference teaching, expansion training and aquatic sports. The garden covers six districts, twelve gardens, thirty-six scenery spots and seventy-two connecting bridges, and is currently the ecological scenery spot with the largest area and the largest varieties of lotus and aquatic plants planted in northern China. The garden has successfully held the 17th National Lotus Exhibition, and has received many visits from important national leaders. It is a landmark scenic spot in Baiyangdian, a national AAAAA-level scenery spot in Xiong'an New District.

Zhuozheng Commercial Trade

As one of the largest imported commodity warehousing centers in Hebei Province, Zhuozheng Trading has opened a diversified sales model of "online + offline", added community self-pickup points and logistics and distribution services, and created "online ordering, warehousing" for customers. A new consumer experience with direct delivery and quick delivery.

Zhuozheng International Hotel

In the field of hotel and trade and commerce, based on the local area and keeping the whole world in view, Zhuozheng relies on the brand position of “Chinese Characteristics • World Favor”, it has established a characteristic brand culture system covering "Favoring China, Savoring China, Finding China, Looking at the World, Enjoying the World, and Harmonizing the World" and successfully built the first five-star hotel in Baoding and the first Golden Key International Alliance Benchmark Hotel in North China. Adhering to the service concept of "Extreme Attentiveness • Satisfaction Plus Surprise", Zhuozheng International Hotel continuously disseminates the vivid image of Baoding "City of Quality Life" to Hebei, China and even the world with quality services, giving the world a brand-new perspective of perceiving Baoding.