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Hebei Zhuozheng Building Materials Industrial Park put into operation transformation to seize the "dual carbon" market opportunity

On March 29, Hebei Zhuozheng Building Materials Industrial Park held a completion and commissioning ceremony in Dawangdian, Xushui District, indicating that Zhuozheng Group has responded to the national call for "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", based on the concept of sustainable development, and has achieved results in promoting the green development, transformation and upgrading of the building materials industry!

Hebei Zhuozheng Building Materials Industrial Park is the R&D base of Hebei Zhuozheng Building Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd., covering an area of 22186.67 square meters.It will reach 50,000 square meters of passive doors and windows, 300,000 square meters of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and curtain walls within two to three years after put into production. The annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of green new pipes can effectively enhance the economic value of the industry and the driving function of the industry, activate the "green kinetic energy" of regional development, and help the construction of a city of quality life.

Relevant leaders of Xushui District Committee and District Government, Xushui Economic Development Zone Management Committee,Xin Qunlai ,president of Zhuozheng Holding Group and members of the board of directors, employee representatives, partners and customer representatives of Hebei Zhuozheng Building Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Waiting to attend the ceremony.

Xin Qunlai , President of Zhuozheng Holding Group, delivered a welcome speech. He said that Hebei Zhuozheng Building Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and was one of the earlier members of Zhuozheng Group. The commissioning of the new plant is an important milestone for the building materials company to achieve cross-domain development. The company will follow the concept of green and sustainable development, deeply cultivate product research and development, and take the national "carbon peak, carbon neutrality" as the guide, and devote itself to the research and development, production and application of green, new and high-end building materials products, and lead the greening of the upstream and downstream industrial chains. , low-carbon, adding "green energy" to Zhuozheng Group, and helping the green development of Baoding City and Xushui District.

The affirmation and recognition of customers is the best example of the brand value of Zhuozheng Manufacturing. At the scene, Wang Jun, general manager of Hebei Pengjia Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., as a customer representative, congratulated the completion of the industrial park and the production line! He said that Pengjia Real Estate has cooperated steadily with Zhuozheng Manufacturing for many years. When choosing Zhuozheng Manufacturing,we value the company's honest business philosophy, excellent product quality, perfect full-cycle service and good market reputation. Looking forward to taking this opportunity to expand deeper cooperation with Zhuozheng Manufacturing, share the development opportunities of the building materials industry, and create a mutually beneficial and win-win future!

The start of ground-breaking, construction and production of the industrial park cannot be separated from the strong support of Xushui District Party Committee and District Government, leaders at all levels of Xushui Economic Development Zone and relevant departments. Yan Hepeng, member of the Standing Committee of Xushui District Committee and executive deputy head of the district, affirmed the smooth commissioning of Zhuozheng Building Materials Industrial Park. He hoped that Zhuozheng Building Materials would play an exemplary role in the industry, focus on green environmental protection, low-carbon energy conservation, and continuously extend the industrial chain, Improve the supply chain and enhance the value chain. Xushui District will continue to optimize the business environment, provide more complete services for enterprises, and help improve the core competitiveness of the industry.

During the start of production, the leaders pressed the button of the energy column together to inject new kinetic energy into the development of the industrial park. With the spray of golden fireworks, the giant curtain was quickly pulled up, and the new production line of Hebei Zhuozheng Building Materials Industrial Park was unveiled.

Afterwards, the leaders and on-site guests visited the pipe production workshop, the door, window and curtain wall production workshop, and the enterprise exhibition hall. A series of green and environmentally friendly new building materials and processes, such as lead-free drainage pipes and ultra-low energy passive doors and windows, have received widespread attention and praise.

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