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Zhuozheng Commercial Trade

From "marketing novice" to "marketing expert" Zhuozheng's live broadcast team growth story

Before the rise of e-commerce, supermarket shopping was the main consumption habit of people. With the development of e-commerce, the fastness and variety of e-commerce platforms have quickly won the love and praise of consumers. Under this general trend, Zhuozheng Trading seeks e-commerce transformation in a timely manner, optimizes online mall stores, opens online live broadcast rooms, adds community self-pickup points and logistics and distribution services, and creates "online ordering, warehousing and direct delivery," for new and old customers. A brand-new consumer experience of "fast delivery".

Deal with "people" and communicate sincerely

     "I came to Zhuozheng Trading on August 16, 2016." Feng Dan still remembers the time of entry clearly. As a 5-year-old employee, Feng Dan has witnessed the process of business and trade becoming perfect step by step: from empty shelves to a dazzling array of commodities, from a wide variety of doors to a crowded market. Speaking of the beginning, Feng Dan recalled both bitterness and sweetness: "In the beginning, I kept unloading and loading goods, and it was common to work overtime until ten o'clock. It is filled by us little by little, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I see that some customers have purchased satisfactory products.” The geographical term has the word “distribution center”, which means that people and goods are concentrated in a certain area, and then from there spread to other areas. Feng Dan is responsible for the distribution and distribution of all commodities in commerce and trade. In terms of product quality control, in addition to basic operations such as checking the manufacturer's qualifications and ensuring product quality and safety, Feng Dan also conducts sample trials for food commodities to check the taste and taste of the products. After passing the quality control, comprehensively evaluate whether the product packaging is attractive, whether it is a seasonal product, and whether it has high sales on other platforms. . "Because almost all of the warehousing, loading, and unloading pass through me, I know exactly what products are on each shelf, the price of the products, and the characteristics of the products." Become the product promotion anchor in the live broadcast. Although I have been in contact with live broadcasts several times before and briefly introduced the general situation of business and trade, this is the first time that the whole process of live broadcast, product promotion and audience interaction is carried out. In order to ensure the quality of the selected products, Feng Dan put a lot of effort into the selection, "Combining the seasonal hot sales, brand quality, and customer evaluations at the store, we have prepared spike products, welfare products and popular products for customers. Every time we live broadcast, the selection of products becomes more and more handy." Dealing with "goods" is rigorous and quality control

Deal with "people" and communicate sincerely

      Whenever I see Li Siyi, I can always be infected by her warm smile. After graduating in 2013, Li Siyi came to Zhuozheng Group, she said with a smile: "This is my first job, and the one I have been in for the longest time." It seems that her job has never changed, but in fact, Her position and work content have changed several times, and she has been constantly challenging herself for the past 8 years, constantly adapting to the development of new things and new trends. From the hotel room service, to the administrative personnel of the commerce and trade, and then to the planning responsibilities of the commerce and trade, these different positions are all new challenges in terms of working environment, work content and interpersonal communication. Li Siyi has always held a serious and responsible attitude towards work, which has also caused her to fall into anxiety: "Every time I change positions, in order to adapt quickly, I often get off work after eight o'clock in the evening, facing the unknown and a lot of things to learn. , I am under a lot of pressure and often can’t sleep.” Fortunately, with a conscientious attitude and work ability recognized by the leadership, several job changes have been passed smoothly. Whether it is room service or administrative personnel, the one thing that these positions do not change is the high frequency of dealing with people. The room service needs to face the guests from all over the world and meet the different needs of the guests; the administrative personnel needs to face a large number of job seekers and colleagues; the planning work must not only understand the consumer behavior, but also try to figure out the consumer psychology. When the host was selected for the first live broadcast, with his excellent communication skills and adaptability, Li Siyi became a seed player. Li Siyi still remembers the first time he sold goods live. "Everything is difficult at the beginning. At that time, we determined the selection, communication points, and emergency plans a week in advance, rehearsed in our hearts repeatedly, combined with the rehearsal, and then improved the process and speech expression. Although I have watched many live broadcasts on various platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou. , also made full preparations, but for the first time facing the camera, facing invisible customers, I was still very nervous, and even got stuck and didn’t know what to say. Fortunately, customers actively interacted with us, and we also I slowly integrated into that pleasant atmosphere, and the first live broadcast was quite successful." Thanks to the joint efforts of the business staff, the first live broadcast was watched by 3,061 people, and the order amount was 11,400. This is the first time for them to test the water. It was a surprise harvest.

Learning to "Recharge" to Maintain Momentum

       Now in the live broadcast, Li Siyi and Feng Dan can talk calmly and contentedly. At least three times a month, the live broadcast of no less than 6 hours each time has become their "everyday meal". Although not every live broadcast can achieve the expected sales performance, the average number of viewers of the live broadcast is now more than 1,700, which shows that under the practical operation, the live broadcast initially has its own stable fans. During the live broadcast, Feng Dan and Li Siyi often alternate anchors. Some viewers will ask, "Where are the people, did you take a break?" The actual situation is that when the goods arrive during the live broadcast, Feng Dan will rush to unload the goods, take inventory and put them in the warehouse, and then return to the live broadcast position. When there is a new task during the live broadcast, Li Siyi has to coordinate and communicate, and then continue the live broadcast after the arrangement is made. This is also a portrayal of many business people. One person may have multiple roles, but he is still diligent and diligent, just to let customers feel the meticulous and considerate service care. Turning on the phone, swiping Douyin, and browsing Taobao, in the eyes of others, this is a pastime, but it is their professional habit. "Looking at the current consumption situation, the innovative model of live streaming, and how similar industries such as retail and supermarkets are transforming can give us a lot of inspiration." Li Siyi and Feng Dan believe that in the age of information, learning new Knowledge and new skills have become very convenient, which also forces more and more people to constantly "charge" themselves. Therefore, only by maintaining a positive attitude and moving forward can we be competent for our work and keep up with social development. Rhythm.


Editor's Note

 Sincere smiles, high-quality products, and warm services, as the employees of the largest imported commodity storage center in Hebei Province, Zhuozheng Traders have withstood the epidemic test, conformed to the trend of consumption diversification, and sold "online + offline" sales On the road of model transformation, we will strive to make breakthroughs and explore new milestones for characteristic development.


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