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Remember the hardworking and promising Zhuo Zhengren

To understand the housing situation, we must understand the human situation

The real estate agent story behind "An Jia"

"Although the house is called a house for our intermediary, for the client, he bought this house, and this is his life's home." The TV series "Settlement" once brought fire to the profession of real estate agency, and it is also known as "outside the circle". ” has opened up a new world of real estate agents face-to-face. Life is like a drama, and drama is like life. We talked to 3 brokers from Zhuozheng Real Estate, and came into contact with the living conditions and survival rules of those real estate agents that were not included in "An Jia". This "difficult to read scriptures", and the secrets of scripture interpretation, often come from the simplest "treat each other with sincerity".


Wen Bin Zhuozheng Real Estate Military Academy Store Broker 

Working time: 10 years

Have a room in the brain, have a family in the heart, establish an image, and create value

 Many customers do not have a clear idea before buying a house. They just want to change the house. It is time to change the house. At this time, the broker needs to rely on professional experience to explore the core needs and hidden needs of customers and help them choose a suitable house.
The right house is easier said than done. Wen Bin had met such a client before, and finally settled on a relatively satisfactory wedding room. When the down payment was put together, the supply of the room was gone, and the wedding date was getting closer and closer. It can only be to appease the customer's emotions, select five or six sets from dozens of suites that meet the basic conditions, and then show two or three sets with preliminary intentions according to the customer's requirements, and then screen and take a look... ... There are many other examples of such clients, all of which are aimed at allowing clients to find the house they like and set up a suitable home in this city.

"It is very important to sort out the house purchase ideas for customers. For example, when buying a wedding house for a child, I would suggest that they choose a smaller area first, reduce the economic pressure and wait for the child to have the strength to replace it with a better house." Speaking of this Wen Bin's words can make people feel his attitude of putting himself in the customer's shoes.
According to the different needs of customers, rigid needs, improvement needs, investment needs, etc., the choice of a house is to choose the customer's home, and the biggest feeling in the process of communicating with Wen Bin is "professional and responsible". Wen Bin's mastery of the source information of each house is like knowing his own home. By carefully observing the customer's response and digging out the customer's real needs, you can search for the matching apartment type in your mind, what kind of floor, lighting, location, layout, and see a certain apartment type map in a nearby community, you can immediately judge Which community is it from, how many households there are, how many are for sale, the advantages and disadvantages of the apartment type, etc. This is the skill accumulated by Wen Bin's many years of work experience. When he did not take clients, Wen Bin often went to field surveys to continuously enrich the reserves of various types of properties in his mind so as to provide customers with optimized solutions at any time. This is "a room in the brain and a family in the heart". "After ordering the takeaway, suddenly the customer wanted to see the house, and without saying a word, I rushed over to take a look. When I came back, it was already very late, and it was raining. I lent an umbrella to the customer and used it. I rode my bike back in the rain. In the store, help the customer to summarize and compare the house they saw today, and then send it to the customer's WeChat, put the takeaway in the microwave to heat it up, sip it in a hurry, and look at the rain outside the door Worrying about whether the customer has already arrived home, don't get caught in the rain I have a cold."

Wen Bin has been in this industry for nearly 10 years, and this situation often occurs. The client said that he would like to see the house. I have established a professional and responsible image as an agent, but sometimes, I may miss an anniversary with my girlfriend; sometimes, I can forget where to have dinner with my family after get off work. Created the value of setting up a home for customers, but often failed to take into account their own small home. This is also the portrayal of all the real estate agents who have paid.

Zhao Hongna, agent of Zhuozheng Real Estate Military Academy Store 

Working time: 10 years

The house is a commodity, buying and selling with sincerity

On the day of the interview, it was raining lightly. When I saw Zhao Hongna, I was easily infected by her smile, warmed by a cup of hot water. From a novice in the workplace to a gold broker recognized by customers today, she has gone through 10 years. When talking about why she has persisted in this industry for 10 years, she answered with certainty: "Because I like this industry. Helping customers settle down gives me a sense of accomplishment and reflects my life value." Being misunderstood, being skipped... Each line of business has its own difficulties, and love is often the most primitive and long-lasting motivation.

"It was finally negotiated. The client skipped the order because of the agency fee, and all his previous efforts were in vain." The scenes that appeared many times in "Settlement" often occur in reality. One time that impressed Zhao Hongna deeply, the customer had been comparing and choosing for a long time, came to the store and was about to sign a contract, but was called away by a phone call and signed a contract with a company with a relatively cheap intermediary fee. But unexpectedly, after only three days, the contract could only be voided because the customer's provident fund qualification review failed. It took a lot of time and energy for both the client and the landlord, but in the end it was an invalid contract. Regarding this incident, Zhao Hongna commented: "In my opinion, this situation should not happen. Zhuozheng Real Estate will ask customers to review relevant qualifications before signing the contract. Our contract terms are highly comprehensive and rigorous. , so that the interests of both parties can be well maintained." This incident also allowed the client to establish a trusting relationship with Zhao Hongna, and finally bought the desired house. The formalization of Zhuozheng's process and the control of risks are the reasons why many clients choose Zhuozheng Real Estate and Zhuozheng brokers.

When the Xiongan New Area was first established, Zhao Hongna received nearly 20 customers a day at most, but unlike the practice of casting a wide net, she will comprehensively consider the customers' willingness to buy a house, the urgency of buying a house, the target purchase conditions and other factors. Provide customers with one-to-one quality service. A person's time and energy are limited. To serve customers with the fullest attitude can save the time cost of both customers and landlords and achieve the most satisfactory results.
In many cases, what the client can't consider, the broker needs to consider it for him. For example, when a couple was in the primary housing election, their wife had just become pregnant. At first, they only thought of buying a larger and more spacious house. Zhao Hongna suggested that when they have children, they should create better conditions for their children to go to school. Couples should be cautious. After considering it, I decided to change to a house with a smaller area and located in the school district. As a broker, you must not only discover the core needs of customers, but also explore their hidden needs, not only to explain the advantages of the house, but also to let the customers understand the problems they may encounter after starting, Zhao Hongna solemnly said: "After all Buying a house is not buying a lunch, sometimes it may be the savings of generations." The responsible attitude towards both clients and landlords is also the key to her gaining the trust of clients.
When asked what made her the most difficult part of this profession, she thought for a long time and gave an answer: "No upper limit of overtime, no matter how hard it is, I am used to it for so many years. Many people are used to it. I don’t understand our work, and think that the agent is just making phone calls and showing the house, not doing much work, and charging an agency fee. I am most afraid that what I am full of sincerity in exchange is the complaints and disapproval of customers. Every business is hard, and life is not easy." Treating each other sincerely is always the mission and wish of Zhuozheng real estate people.

Become strong from blows, win trust from empathy, exchange sincerity for sincerity, and settle down for customers with a professional and responsible attitude. A house is a real estate without temperature, but the people and things related to the house have a warm and cold temperature. When welcoming the rising sun every day and welcoming every client, Zhuozheng real estate agent returned with a smile. Uphold the original intention, full of hope, dedicated service, and settle down for you.

Pleasing to eyes, To heart, To life

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