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Zhuo Zhengren's Column - Zhuo Zheng's Top Sales in the Upper East District, Li Jing

Every step of the road to success counts
——Interview with Li Jing, the 2020 sales champion of Zhuozheng Upper East District

Li Jing is the sales champion of Zhuozheng Upper East District in 2020 and the winner of the honorary title of "Advanced Individual" of Zhuozheng Group in 2020. With the arrival of "Xiaoyangchun" in the real estate industry in 2021, the number of visits to the Zhuozheng Upper East District Marketing Center has increased, and the reception work of real estate consultant Li Jing has become increasingly busy.

The reporter wanted to take advantage of the little free time that the property consultants had during lunch to interview her, but the interview had to be interrupted when a client suddenly came to visit. And this detail also gives us a deeper understanding of the "popularity" of this sales champion. After receiving the client, Li Jing sat down again. In the sunny corner of the book bar in the marketing center, the interview finally officially started.

Sales crown "professional households" tell exclusive secrets

Affected by the new crown epidemic in 2020, the number of visits and transactions of various real estate projects will be affected to a certain extent, but Li Jing, the real estate consultant of Zhuozheng Upper East District, still achieved a repayment amount of 120 million yuan with his excellent professional ability, and once again won the title of Zhuozheng. Top sales on the Upper East Side. This is the third time that Li Jing has won the crown, and she has handed over a beautiful answer sheet with outstanding results.

Q: How does it feel to be the sales champion again?

A: Very honored. In fact, the sales performance of other colleagues this year is also good. Everyone competes harmoniously and goes hand in hand. The team cohesion and team culture are very good.

Q: As a top salesperson, do you have any sales secrets to share with you?

A: (with a hearty laugh) Actually, there is no secret to sales work. If there is, it is professional ability and practical work attitude. In this regard, I believe that my colleagues are similar to me, and even some people's professional ability is higher than mine. If I must say there is a secret, I think it is to take every customer seriously.

In the past year, the most intuitive feeling is that the company provides more and more professional training, which allows our grass-roots employees to have a clearer understanding of project planning, landscape, design, construction and planning. In 2020, the company organized the planning and design department planning designers, landscape engineers, construction engineers and planning management departments to systematically train and answer questions for our marketing staff. For example, what are the human considerations in community planning? How is the idea of ​​healthy communities realized in the community? How can landscape and human landscape integrate knowledge and action in community planning and construction? What are the criteria for tree selection in the community? Where is Zhuozheng's construction quality high? Which material selection standards are higher than the same industry? This series of questions has been answered.

Because we have a deeper understanding of the company and projects, we also have a lot of confidence in the process of receiving customers. In fact, many of the clients I work with are professionals in the design or construction field. When I accurately conveyed and informed Zhuozheng's standards and construction process, I could clearly feel the client's recognition of my professionalism, and the communication process became smoother. This is the strength of Zhuozheng brand, and it is also the strong support and confidence that Zhuozheng quality gives me.

The 5-year "chat" with old customers is the most unforgettable

When it comes to customer reception, Li Jing talks a lot and knows every customer's situation well. In the actual customer reception process, many property consultants will judge whether the customer has purchasing power according to the customer's clothing and accessories. On the other hand, Li Jing is different. For many years, she has insisted that customers should not be measured by secular standards, and she has always treated them equally.

Li Jing always explains the project planning in detail, clearly expounds the advantages of the project, matches products according to the needs of each customer, and recommends suitable products and apartment types. When a client raises an objection, she listens carefully before expressing her opinion.

Q: Who is your most impressive customer over the years?

A: It should be a customer received at the Reception Center in Lijing Lanwan District C in 2016. It is an aunt who has known each other for 5 years. It took me more than 3 years to finally get the deal, which left a deep impression on me. . The first time we met at that time, my aunt gave people a cold feeling. She didn't seem to have a strong intention to buy a house, and she was more repulsive to sales. After the chat, she left.

I kept in touch after that, but didn't bother her too much. I will send her blessing text messages during holidays. When the project has warm-up activities, I will also send messages politely to inform her. Occasionally, she will also come to participate in the activities... and keep in touch with her. Later, my aunt would also chat with me about Baoding's urban development and fresh factual news, and I would also express my opinion. However, in this process, the other party still did not show the intention to buy the house. Every time this aunt came to the marketing center to find me, other colleagues would tease me, "Look at Li Jing, my aunt has come to chat with you again." At that time, it was really chatting, talking about everything, but not about the house.

Q: Clients come all the time but don’t talk about the house. Do they feel like “water customers” or just to relieve their boredom? Do you feel that you don’t want to receive them?

A: Not at all, because I think my aunt came to me as a kind of trust in me, and I cherish this trust very much. (Shyly laughing) We talked on and off for two years, and in the process, I also learned more about my aunt's situation. Due to the local purchase restriction policy in Baoding, in fact, my aunt is no longer qualified to purchase a house.

Q: Not having the qualification to buy a house means that the customer may not buy a house again. Even so, are you not impatient at all?

A: No, it's the same as before. If my aunt has any questions, I will reply to her in time, and occasionally she will come to the marketing center to chat with me. Because my aunt’s properties are located in the northern part of the city, I will also tell my aunt that with the establishment of the Xiongan New Area, the regional potential in the east of Baoding is obvious. If there is an opportunity to invest in a house in the east, whether it is for self-occupation or investment in the future, there will be good development. My aunt also recognized my view, but she still had no place to buy a house at that time, and we still communicated like friends.

"Take a look" 20 times in exchange for 1 transaction

A client has been in constant contact for many years without showing any obvious intention to buy a house, but Li Jing still takes the trouble and warmly treats her. Whether it is the early reception of visits or the later maintenance of customers, Li Jing impresses customers with her unique sincerity. Success is always reserved for those who are prepared, and Li Jing finally saw the rewards of hard work with unremitting efforts.

Q: How did this old customer who has been in touch for many years finally make a deal?

A: The turnaround came in 2019. One day, this aunt told me that there was a place to buy a house at home, and she was considering buying a house, and wanted to hear my opinion. In fact, this is just the beginning, because Auntie went to many projects to see the house. Later, when I communicated with my peers, I found that many people knew this auntie, indicating that she not only contacted me, but also had contact with other projects in Baoding, and had also communicated with each other.
My aunt also asked me what I thought about other projects. I just introduced the Upper East Side project based on facts, and then made objective and simple comments on other projects. At that time, she told me that you are different from others, you are fair, not only that your project is good and other projects are not good. When she gave me this evaluation, she should have had a deeper level of trust in me.

Later, my aunt came to the marketing center to see the room several times. At first, her intention to buy a house was a 200-square-meter house, but the largest unit in our Upper East Side project is 179-square-meter. I showed her the overall layout of the apartment and the exact size drawings of each room, and my aunt gradually developed an interest in this apartment. Because my aunt is more careful, from the construction site to the apartment type she likes, she checked each dimension with a ruler, and she took it back and forth almost 20 times.

Q: Has a client brought him to see it more than 20 times?

A: Yes, my aunt has high requirements for projects and apartment types. First of all, through the communication process in the early stage, she has already recognized the location of our project, and she is also very confident in the planning of 1,000 acres in the Upper East District, schools, and various medical facilities. By visiting the previous Zhuozheng community and the construction site of our project, customers also recognized the Zhuozheng brand very much. Finally, recognizing the apartment type is the most important step in the transaction, and it is also our sales duty to accompany customers to see the house on the spot. In the end, after watching it more than 20 times, the auntie paid the full price at one time and settled the deal, including a total of 3 million yuan in the basement and parking space.

Editor's Note

In the communication with Li Jing, she told the stories of several clients: some were colleagues working in the county town. Li Jing used her professional ability and sincerity to dispel his doubts and firmly chose Zhuozheng Shangdong District. , and then the old lead the new lead to visit more than a dozen sets; some of them are in the competitive project, but they still visit Zhuozheng Upper East District Marketing Center several times, and recommend relatives and friends to buy a house successfully... No matter what kind of customer, no matter what kind of customer Whether it shows the demand for buying a house, Li Jing insists on professional reception and serves every customer with her sincerity.

If a person's success is accidental, then successive successes prove that she is strong and good enough, and Li Jing is such a person. Through the communication with her, I deeply confirmed a sentence - "There is no empty road in life, every step counts." It is precisely adhering to the Zhuozheng spirit of "diligence and nurturing excellence", Li Jing used her diligent sweat and Sincere smile, out of a road to the top.


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