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Zhuo Zhengren's Column - Zhuo Zhengren's N+1 Possibilities

Column of hardworking and promising Zhuo Zhengren

Zhuo Zhengren's N+1 possibility

Since its establishment in 1992, Zhuozheng has deeply cultivated Baoding and gained market recognition, which is inseparable from the silent efforts of every Zhuozheng person. It is thousands of Zhuozheng people who use their own hands to convey the temperature of Zhuozheng's quality of life. As the 30th anniversary of Zhuozheng's establishment is approaching, let us present to Zhuozheng's 30th anniversary with practical actions, pay tribute to every Zhuozheng person, and pay tribute to the beautiful life that belongs to this city!

PART1 Summer Palace

During the Spring Festival, countless wandering wanderers packed their bags and set foot on their way home with joy. In addition to visiting relatives and friends, returning to their hometown to invest and buy property is also an important task for them. Keeping a warm "nest" in your hometown and giving your loved ones a home is the wish of many working people who work hard outside.

Behind every such wish, there is always a group of ordinary real estate people guarding silently: some people do not have a day off throughout the Spring Festival, and work more than 10 hours a day; A number of all-rounders... They are the advanced collectives of Zhuozheng Holding Group who will stick to their posts during the Spring Festival in 2021 - all members of the Yihe Real Estate Marketing Team, and they are also the epitome of the hard-working and promising Zhuozheng people!

During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox in 2021, the Summer Palace, together with Zhuozheng Property Management and Zhuozheng Shennong, held the "Zhuzheng Family Years" Spring Festival event. From February 12th to 17th (the first to the sixth day of the first lunar month), tourists can feel the strong Chinese New Year flavor when they visit the Yihe Academy, taste the sweet and sour candied fruit, and watch the traditional handicraft blowing sugar performances. Experience hand-woven Chinese knots, take free family photos of warm and happy, and pick green and pollution-free fresh fruits and vegetables from Zhuozheng Shennong Garden...

For six consecutive days, there was a continuous flow of people at the event site, and the enthusiasm of the Summer Palace case site remained high. Every salesman sticks to his post, does his due diligence, signs in, receives, guides activities, shows the model room, signs the contract... just to leave a good impression on every visitor, and work hard and persevere for every transaction.


He has been on the front line of sales for 10 consecutive days.

Qu Qingsong is the manager of the marketing and planning department of Yihe Real Estate. During the Spring Festival holiday, he arrives for work early every day, puts on his work clothes and starts his day's work. Manager Qu followed the sales introduction process of each professional consultant, taught sales skills in actual combat, and solved various problems encountered in the sales process in a timely manner. He, who is experienced, will optimize the process of each point of the event in advance, upload and distribute it, and make arrangements for deployment to ensure the smooth progress of the event. Leader trust, subordinate support, this is the best evaluation of him.

The most impressive thing was on the fifth day of the lunar new year. It was confirmed that there were no more customers in the marketing center. After finishing the work at hand, everyone left work one after another. Manager Qu left late and was about to go home when a group of customers came to learn about the project. He didn't hesitate, he personally ran before and after to receive, explained the sand table, introduced the apartment type, showed the model room... Waiting for farewell customers, it was already dark. He is meticulous, rigorous and serious, and he always has an unyielding fighting spirit.







She sticks to the event site for more than 9 hours a day.

Jiang Naimei is the property manager of the Yihe Graceland project. During the Spring Festival, she has been sticking to her job, ensuring the property services of the real estate sales case, and doing a good job in coordination and management. She always arrives early every day, assigns work tasks, inspects the work flow of various positions in the property, actively coordinates and solves problems when encountering problems, and welcomes every visiting customer with full enthusiasm.
Actively respond when the work is needed, and try her best to help the marketing. As a Zhuozheng person for 10 years, Jiang Naimei's heart has been closely connected with the company. She said that although she did not enjoy the holidays during the Spring Festival, and although she was absent from family gatherings, she was able to fight with her colleagues on the front line, fulfilling the promise of "serving real estate and helping sales", and feeling the New Year's taste of the company's big family. A different kind of happiness!
With the joint efforts of Manager Jiang and all members of Zhuozheng Property's Summer Palace Project, the excellent park security work of Summer Palace has been recognized by customers, and they have created a better experience for more people with their actions and responsibilities.

Exclusive courtesy of the owner, and a happy new year. During the Spring Festival, Yihe Graceland achieved good performance of thousands of visitors, 20 groups of intended customers and several sets of transactions. This is the best example of all the marketing staff and property management team of Summer Palace. They gave up the opportunity to go home for reunion, stick to their posts, put their enthusiasm into the reception activities, sincerely welcome and serve every Zhuozheng owner's family members and visitors, and also saw the gains after their struggles.

PART2 Zhuozheng Hotel

During the Spring Festival in 2021, Zhuozheng International Hotel will take the big test again, and Tangquan, the hotel's health and fitness department, which has the largest passenger flow, has become a pioneer in testing the quality of hotel services. In order to allow every VIP who comes to the store to take a dip in the hot spring during the Chinese New Year, relax their mind and body, and keep fit, the employees of the Health and Sports Department silently stick to their posts. They received the service wholeheartedly with the spirit of hard work and promising, and also ushered in the real performance gains...



He, from the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth lunar month to the fifth day of the new year.

He Kunshan was then the operation director of Zhuozheng International Hotel, responsible for the hotel's fitness department and guest room department. Due to the sharp increase in passenger traffic during the Chinese New Year, in order to ensure the overall reception and service quality of the Health and Sports Department, he who could have gone home for the Chinese New Year chose to stay in the hotel and sit in person.

Starting from the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month, He Kunshan held the morning meeting on time at 8:30 every morning. After the meeting, he inspected the arrival status, thermometer, health code, whether to wear a mask, and service attitude of the staff in the fitness department and the housekeeping department. It was close to 3 a.m. I can only get off work at 10 a.m., and two meals a day are the norm... This kind of high-intensity work continued until the fifth day of the new year. Even on the night of New Year's Eve, He Kunshan insisted on having the New Year's Eve dinner with the team members before returning to the staff dormitory in a hurry.

As a director, He Kunshan never takes the lead in his work. He goes wherever he is busy with his work. He takes the lead and does everything by himself. During the peak reception period of Zhuozheng Tangquan, in the morning, he went to the shoe bar to help share the workload and put shoes together; in the evening, he assisted in welcoming guests in the lobby, reminding them to show their health codes and itinerary cards... According to the staff's memories, on the 20th of the twelfth lunar month On the 9th day, Mr. He was so busy that he could not leave the ground, and the meal that day was also hurriedly resolved.
Every day at three in the morning, He Kunshan insists on inspecting each area of ​​Tangquan in the Health and Sports Department to ensure that there are no potential safety hazards. He explained what dedication is with practical actions, and practiced the "golden key" service standard!

The five-star experience of every guest is supported by many Zhuo Zheng people like Director He Kunshan. Salute to Zhuo Zhengren who silently stick to their posts during the Spring Festival!



"36.2°C, the body temperature is normal, please tell me your information, and I will help you register." During the peak passenger flow period, she skillfully received every guest who walked into Zhuozheng Tangquan and kept a friendly smile throughout. Her name is Chen Hongna, and she is the manager of Tang Quan in the Wellness Department of Zhuozheng International Hotel.

During the Chinese New Year, Baoding people like to take a dip in Zhuozheng Tangquan to wash away the fatigue and troubles of the old year, and add blessing and health to the new year. However, during the Spring Festival this year, the epidemic prevention and control work cannot be relaxed for a moment, especially the Tangquan Department, which is the top priority of epidemic prevention. After the 27th day of the twelfth lunar month, Chen Hongna personally participated in the reception of guests in the lobby, and worked with colleagues to do every step of health and epidemic prevention testing to protect the safety of every guest. When she is busy, she can fill multiple positions by herself, such as cashier, concierge, tidying up... There is nothing she can't do. This is Zhuo Zhengren who is conscientious and conscientious. Chen Hongna said that as long as every guest who comes to Zhuozheng Tangquan can feel at home, it's okay for her to work hard.

On the second day of the new year, the guest Ms. Li called and said that her ID card might have been lost in the Tangquan Department, but the staff could not find Ms. Li's ID card after searching. After manager Chen Hongna learned of the incident, she insisted on taking someone to the female guest room to conduct repeated and meticulous searches. In the end, she successfully helped Ms. Li retrieve her documents. During the Spring Festival, Chen Hongna did not lose her enthusiasm for work because of the complicated work and lack of sleep. She treated every small demand of the guests with the same patience and meticulousness.

With the unremitting efforts of Manager Chen Hongna and all the staff of the Tangquan Department, Zhuozheng Tangquan's service quality during the Spring Festival has been well received by the guests. Salute to Zhuo Zhengren who adhere to the original intention, enthusiasm and patience!

During the Spring Festival, all the staff of Zhuozheng International Hotel's Health and Sports Department stick to their posts. From the morning meeting to the late night, they always greet every guest who arrives at the store with their best service attitude-the twelfth lunar month twenty-seven service reception 500 + person-times, the service on the 28th of the twelfth lunar month received 600+ person-times, and the service on the 29th of the twelfth lunar month received more than 1,000 person-times. To create the satisfaction of every guest with efficient, accurate, thoughtful and ultimate service, they start small and practice the "golden key" service spirit of Zhuozheng International Hotel with ordinary persistence.

PART3 Zhuozheng Shennong Garden

Stick to the original intention and win together. During the Spring Festival of 2021, all employees of Zhuozheng Shennong will seize the holiday climax and jointly carry out marketing activities with the Summer Palace. On the basis of the main projects of the park such as fruit and vegetable picking, various special themes such as flower market and hot pot feast will be carried out. Activity.

Every activity in the park is inseparable from the perseverance of Zhuozheng Shennong people. They gave up reunion with their families, abandoned their small homes, fought for everyone on the front line, practiced the original aspirations of Shennong people with practical actions, and created the development of the park with the spirit of diligence, ability and excellence.



Dark skinned, wearing a white lab coat, holding a "green peony" in his hand... In a growing vegetable field, Qi Guangyuan was carefully observing the growth of hydroponic vegetables. He is the deputy manager of Shennong Technology's Planting and Breeding Department, and the "green peony" in his hands is the star specialty product grown in Shennong Park - hydroponic Boston butter lettuce, and the so-called "vegetable field" is the place where butter lettuce grows. --seedbed. As the "star" of the park, it does its part and has become a must-have item on the dining table of people in Baoding's communities during the Spring Festival.

"Eat healthy and return to nature" is the original intention of every Shennong person. In order to allow everyone to easily taste delicious food and enjoy health during the Spring Festival, Qi Guangyuan led the colleagues of the Science and Technology Planting and Breeding Department to actively cooperate with the operation and sales, control the quality of vegetables and fruits from the source, and take various measures to ensure the supply. Qi Guangyuan walks at least 20,000 steps per day in fields, greenhouses, and vegetable factories. He goes deep into the fields, actively solves problems encountered in agricultural production, and arranges production plans. During the Spring Festival, the agricultural production personnel were nervous. He played a leading and exemplary role everywhere and took the initiative to undertake more work: he did it for coordination of production; he solved the problem when there was a problem; A new employee for one and a half months, at the moment of family reunion, he chose to stay at his job. The communication with his family in the New Year was just a video call every night. It is the persistence of Shennong people.


"Hello, welcome to the flower market. In addition to healthy fruits and vegetables, Shennong Garden also has beautiful flowers, all of which are cultivated by Shennong Garden..." Geng Lin is the deputy manager of Shennong's planning department, in order to seize the Spring Festival holiday During the boom, the Shennong Planning Department and the Yihe Real Estate Planning Department jointly launched the "Zhuozheng Family Years" activity, aiming at the owners of Zhuozheng and more tourists, showing the style of the Shennong Park and the Summer Palace. In order to make tourists experience a better festive atmosphere, in addition to picking fruits and vegetables, Geng Lin and her colleagues have planned special projects such as flower market and hot pot feast, so that more tourists can feel the "diversity" of Shennong Garden and promote the revenue. The above paragraph is what they say the most every day, sometimes up to a thousand times. As the leader of the Spring Festival activities, in order to ensure the smooth development of the activities, Geng Lin ran around, sticking to the front line for 9 hours a day for 7 consecutive days, giving full play to the scheduling role: timely arrangements for vehicle scheduling, proper guidance for fruit and vegetable picking, and patient explanations for flower planting activities... Each process, the perfection of every tiny detail, all show the "realism" of a planner, striving for perfection in everything.

"Thank you for participating in the flower riddle guessing activity, and congratulations on winning a ticket to Shennong Garden. The hundred acres of flowers in the park will be in full bloom in April. Welcome you and your relatives and friends to experience the idyllic charm of the park again!" Green and healthy lifestyle, The idyllic and natural cultural atmosphere... As the planner and executor of the event, Geng Lin and her colleagues conveyed the beauty of the park to tourists all the time, and acted as communicators of Shennong's pastoral culture.

This year's Spring Festival, the whole country advocates celebrating the New Year on the spot. In the face of family reunion, some people are passively celebrating the New Year on the spot, while some people take the initiative to ask for the New Year on the spot, and do their best to ensure the company's business development. Xiao Hua, director of Shennong Packaging and Transportation Department, is one of them. In 2020, Zhuozheng Shennong actively launched a marketing strategy for online sales of agricultural products, and carried out large-scale community group purchases in Baoding and surrounding communities, so that they can eat healthy and reliable vegetables at their doorstep. With the recognition and trust of users in Shenyang Agricultural Products, the number of community users is increasing, which is followed by heavy distribution work. In order to ensure the distribution of vegetables during the Spring Festival, Xiao Hua took the initiative to ask Ying, put his work first, and drove his "partner" - a small box of goods to the door of the vegetable and fruit picking warehouse early every day for loading and distribution. From Baoding Lijing Lanwan A, B, C community to Fengfan and Xicheng, from south to north, from east to west... To ensure that customers can receive fresh vegetables in time, he has almost no rest and is on time every time Accurately deliver products in place. He memorized every route and every receiving point, which was already familiar to him, because he did not know how many times he had run back and forth on this road to serve customers.


His hometown is in Fuping, Baoding. Usually, it is not easy to go home due to busy work. In order to obtain the understanding of his family, in the middle of the twelfth lunar month, he called his parents, wife and daughter in advance to explain everything. "Just work hard, I have everything at home, don't embarrass the people of our old district!" His wife's simple words made Xiao Hua burst into laughter, but his eyes felt sour, which made him both moved and apologetic . After five years of employment, he was diligent and conscientious, always remembering his love for his work and dedication, and became the "Ruzi Niu" of the development of the park.



Popular Science Agriculture Museum is one of the must-see check-in points for tourists in Shennong Garden. The warm and humid air permeates the place with a strong tropical style. Every flower, one grass, one fruit and one tree are obviously carefully maintained, which is beyond everyone's expectations. Yes, the flower and tree guardian here is a boy born in the 90s. Yin Yongchao is the director of Shennong Landscaping Department, mainly responsible for the daily maintenance and project explanation in the museum.

Explain the categories and growth habits of flowers, actively help tourists solve their difficulties, cooperate with flower sales in the flower market, and provide warm water to other colleagues on duty when the weather is cold. During the Spring Festival, in order to better serve tourists, he worked for 11 consecutive days, gave up all public holidays, struggled at work all day, patiently looked after every plant here, and greeted every tourist cordially and friendly. Out of love for plants, Yin Yongchao still arrives at his post according to his daily working hours, sometimes even on days when he should be resting. "Actually, greening work is sometimes a boring thing, but I still like it very much. Because of this love, I can always find more fun and beauty here." Watering, weeding, pruning, cleaning up dead branches... …The busy figure always sticks to the front line of landscaping and maintenance, and uses his hard work to exchange for the beautiful scenery that is pleasing to the eye, so that visitors to the park can feel the vitality of the early spring season and become the guardian of the beautiful blooming of the park.



At 8:30 in the morning, Hu Suling arrived at her job on time and started her day's work: sorting out the goods, checking orders, packing and arranging for storage, picking, receiving and selling fruits and vegetables... This is her "normal" job during the Spring Festival. Hu Suling is an ordinary employee of Shennong Packaging and Transportation Department. After three years of employment, she has actively requested to be on duty during the Spring Festival for three consecutive years, especially in the New Year's Eve and the first few days of the new year. She always gives priority to other colleagues. This year, as always, Work continuously for 10 days until the last day of vacation. "My body is really tired, and my heart is always tense, but everyone is usually busy and it's not easy. If you can stay at home during the New Year, please accompany your family. I don't have the advantage of being close to home. Well!"

The work of the packaging and transportation department seems to be simple, but in fact, it needs to be more careful. All orders must be clearly confirmed, packaged neatly, and the specifications are unified; at the same time, this is still a manual job. After a day, it takes dozens of round trips just to carry the goods. trip. "Be busy, but don't make trouble." Hu Suling always reminded herself that despite her busy work, she always has a way to arrange her work in an orderly and stable manner. On the one hand, it is due to her skilled business; Always maintain a serious and responsible attitude. In ordinary positions, as long as you are practical, hardworking and responsible, you will be able to do extraordinary deeds. She serves every customer silently with her rigor and care, and has become a practitioner of the spirit of Zhuozheng and Shennongyuan's "diligence and nurturing excellence".

For the sake of epidemic prevention and control, the activity site strengthened the body temperature monitoring and itinerary health code inspection of the people passing by, and strictly controlled the number of people entering the park. Despite this, the number of tourists entering the park during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Ox still reached more than 8,000 person-times, achieving a turnover of several hundred thousand yuan. This is the best example of all the staff of Zhuozheng Shennong Garden being a small family, caring for everyone, sticking to their posts and working hard.

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