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"Gathering Strength and Spreading Brand" A warm review of Zhuozheng Group's theme group building activities

The 2021 Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival in Baoding, jointly organized by Zhuozheng Shennong Garden, China Bonsai Garden, and Summer Palace, came to a successful conclusion on September 23. With its high-quality hardware and software services, the park has won unanimous praise from organizers such as Xushui District Government.

Coinciding with the most beautiful season of gold, nine silver and tenth, in order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the employees of the group and show the new look of the construction and operation of the integration of the three parks, Zhuozheng Group organized various companies to carry out theme group building activities in batches for 7 consecutive days. Hundreds of employees went to Zhuozheng Shennong Garden, Yihe Graceland, and Yuexin Health Center to experience the immersive experience of the group's health care and cultural tourism projects. At the same time, feel and spread the brand value of Zhuozheng.

Sightseeing train starts a happy group building journey


The new look of the immersion experience project

At 8:30 in the morning, everyone arrived at the first stop: Zhuozheng Shennong Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park. Check in the straw carnival in the dreamy flower sea, explore the scientific and technological planting methods in the science agricultural museum and vegetable factory, experience the fun of picking and ganoderma lucidum tasting in the greenhouse, and appreciate the beauty of traditional Chinese gardening in the China Bonsai Garden. The innovative integration of urban agriculture and cultural tourism industry makes everyone linger.

Passing through the winding waterscapes and promenades of the Summer Palace, you will be in the elegance and delicacy of Jiangnan gardens, one step at a time, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Everyone shuttled through the classical streets and alleys, immersed in the national style model room, experienced the high-quality leisure life outlined by the Summer Palace, and felt the leisure and rhyme of well-being for all ages.
The peach blossom-like life of the Summer Palace is complementary to the full-cycle nursing service provided by the Yuexin Health Care Center. After visiting the health care facilities such as Yueyifang, Health Cabin, and Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy, you can spend time in the golf experience hall, chess and card leisure room, and experience the all-round aspects of "medicine, nursing, health, research, entertainment, and joy". Nursing service.
Happy competition, fun team building

Interesting team building unites the strength of employees


In the fun group building activity in the afternoon, colleagues from different companies and departments get to know each other, cooperate and cooperate, and play various games happily and intensely. Through games such as quick bottle grabs, dragons fetching water, and domination of martial arts, in a pleasant atmosphere, everyone realized the importance of team division and efficient execution, and at the same time realized that in the cruel market competition, only by continuously improving the individual and team skills The core competitiveness can maintain long-term development.

In this theme group building activity, everyone deeply experienced the group's health care and cultural tourism projects. Through solidarity and cooperation, the cohesion of the team was enhanced, and the brand value of Zhuozheng was spread through the publicity of the circle of friends. In the future work, Zhuozheng people will continue to work hard, build urban dreams together, help Zhuozheng Group to innovate and transform, and achieve high-quality development!

Group photo of the team building staff in front of the statue of Shennong

Pleasing to eyes, To heart, To life

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